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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sophisti-cat Perfume Presentations

During the period of 1954 to 1970, Max Factor was looking for a new way to draw a younger crowd to their line of perfumes. Their answer? The range of Sophisti-cat and Poodle presentations.

These presentations had either flocked cardboard cats, honey bears or poodles in various colors such as purple, red, pink, brown, black, chartreuse, green, yellow and turquoise blue. All animals had different colored rhinestone eyes. Each animal would have a small dram and a half  (1/8 ounce) sized bottle of parfum attached to them. The presentations were further enhanced by little trinkets such as a necklace, flower, feathers or pearl necklaces around the necks of the animals, all captured under a clear plastic dome.

The perfumes for these presentations were some of Max Factor's best seller:  Primitif (1956), Golden Woods  (1951) , Electrique (1954) Aquarius (1969), Jonquille (1960s), Exuberance and  Hypnotique  from 1958.

Looking through old magazine ads I noted that the 1950s bottles were rectangular in shape, then as the 1960s went on they became more cylindrical. The ears on the cats in particular are very pointy in the 1950s versions.

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